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February 23, 2006

Bad News for FAS Prevention

"Both British and American women between the legal drinking age and 24 drank 33 percent more alcoholic drinks by volume in 2004 than they did five years earlier, Datamonitor said in a report last April."


jgilsinn said...

I found this article as well and posted it on my blog. This is a very important finding, and is imperative in all human service fields. When,as a society, we recognize the numbers of women affected by substance use and abuse, and the impact this has on children and society as a whole, then we can begin to better serve this population. Yes, these findings will affect FAS, but also, it has enormous implications on women's health issues. The health disparities that occur between male and female alcoholics is tragic for women, who are at greater risk of death from alcoholism. I watched a woman die last year from alcoholism. I believe had her "case worker" had seen her as more then a "case" and been knowledgable about female substance abuse, her death could have been prevented. It is in loving memory of this wonderful woman that I attempt to educate people on these issues. And, by the way, female adolescence are leading the race for substance usage according to the "Drug Czar" who's "War on Drugs" does not seem to be working. So, why then are changes to prevention programs not being made to address differing factors between girls who use and boys who use?

Danny Wedding said...

Romance and alcohol are closely linked in our society, and bar hopping not infrequently leads to intercourse. This is one of the reasons it is so very important to teach young people about contraception.