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February 20, 2006

Everyone Should Have a Blog

"Everyone should have a blog. It�s the most democratic thing ever. And, indeed, having a blog seemed to be the quickest way to fame in a country obsessed with fortune."


Leslie said...

I agree! A blog offers a way to express your opinions and, hopefully, engage in a healthy exchange of ideas. For a mature person, creating a blog also makes you feel as though you are still in touch with technology. It opens up your world.

Danny Wedding said...

Thanks for your comment, Leslie. One of my goals for the class is to have everyone leave the course as an enthusiastic blogger.

See you next week.


jgilsinn said...

The blog has been an interesting and for me, very informative process. Developing mine has given me extra confidence in my technology skills, and while no one seems to be looking, offered me a forum to post many articles on a subject that I feel is imperative for social workers to know about, female substance abuse. I am enjoying the process.

Crystal Jones said...

Creating a blog has definitely made me feel more technologically savvy...but I still have not quite gotten into the habit of updating my blog nor utilizing the class blogs for exchanging ideas. Realizing that this is the main purpose I am trying to get with the program, sorry for my lack of participation thus far!!

KTB said...

I must admit that I don't mind this blogging process as much as I thought I would. As I enjoy creative processes, I appreciate the opportunity to post my ideas and associated pictures.

Then again, I have always had a fear in the back of my mind that technology is going to take over the world or destroy our world. I enjoy nature, and it scares/saddens me that technology has begun to creep into nature. Can't I go into a restaurant anymore without being disrupted by a cell phone, or can't I walk into a park without seeing someone type a letter on his laptop? I'm afraid the answer is becoming "no." I hope that people will soon realize the importance of having "tech-free" zones, before we all get dragged and subjected to this technological frenzy.

Danny Wedding said...

Interesting comments.

I frequently see people checking their Blackberries in Forest Park, and there IS something sad about that. However, I suspect some of these people are only able to slip away to the park because they are able to take their work with them.

I've been advised by my physician to walk for at least 30 minutes once each day, but find it very hard to break away from my desk when I have unanswered mail in my inbox.