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March 8, 2006

The Mythology of Health Care Reform?

"Health care is once again moving to the top of the national political agenda. The early evidence is that this debate will be dominated by misinformation and misconceptions. Advocates of a government-run, national health-care system will do everything they can to frighten Americans and discredit consumer-directed health care. But we would be advised to look at the facts and not the scare tactics." (Note: I am providing this link to the CATO Institute website because I want you to be familiar with some of the arguments AGAINST many of the positions I take in class. It will behoove you to spend some time on the CATO site; for a more elaborate analysis of conservative concerns about health care reform, go to


jgilsinn said...

I'm happy you posted this. My issues with the article are many. As I wrote to you before, capitalism runs the country and the health care system. And, no I do not think that health care should be viewed as an economic commodity. Also, while I agree that poverty and lifestyles in this country have some to do with both money spent on health care and poor outcomes for some people receiving care, it also has to do with unequal access to care which causes a lack of preventative measures for people, which is increasing cost and reducing positive outcomes. As well, the article addressed that a national healthcare system inclusive of all citizens could create delays in people receiving services. For this I say, at least people who otherwise would not receive care now could. I am willing to wait a little longer for care if that means that enormous numbers of people who have been denied access to care could now receive it. Just a few thoughts

Danny Wedding said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Jennifer, and thanks for alerting the class to the article.